Replacing a shower head is as simple as 1-2-3. However, for those who have no previous plumbing experience, this project can seem overwhelming. This guide will teach you how to remove a shower head and replace it with a new shower head. No matter the type of shower head you replace, fixed mounted shower heads or hand held shower heads, the technique is the same. Continue reading how to replace your shower head in just a few minutes.

Gather Your Supplies

There are several things you will need to replace your shower head. Most of these items you will have around your house; however, if you do not, a quick trip to the hardware store will get you everything you need. The items include:

  • a pipe wrench or a set of pliers
  • a rag or some duct tape
  • a new shower head
  • plumber’s tape

Once you have gathered your supplies, head to your bathroom. Begin by wrapping your shower head and shower arm in duct tape or wrap an old rag around it to protect your shower arm from getting damaged during the installation.

After you have ensured that the shower head is wrapped up well so it will not be damaged, apply the wrench to the shower head and turn it to the left. Left loosens, right tightens. Remembering this one thing will help ensure that you turn a screw or plumbing piece the correct way.

Continue turning to the left until the shower head can be removed. Then, clean the shower arm rod with a clean cloth dipped in vinegar to remove any calcium or limestone buildup. If there is a lot of buildup, you may need to use a scrub pad or a wire brush to remove it all. Once the buildup is removed, wipe the shower arm with a dry cloth to remove all traces of moisture.

Next, wrap the shower arm’s threads with plumber’s tape. This tape helps create a seal so there will be no leaks. Wrap the threads and press the tape into the threads.

It is now time to install your new shower head. Screw on the head with your hands, ensuring that it is correctly threaded onto the shower arm’s threads.

Once it is tight, wrap the new shower head and shower arm with either duct tape or an old rag. This will prevent the new shower head from getting scarred as you tighten it with your set of pliers or pipe wrench. Turn to the right until it is firmly attached to the shower arm. However, do not over tighten as this can break the new shower head.

Turn on the water to your shower to check for leaks. Once the shower head is installed and there are no leaks, remove the tape and use a bit of soap or nail polish remover to remove all traces of glue from the taped area.

As you can see, installing a shower head is quite easy when you have the appropriate knowledge. Once the shower head is installed, it is ready for immediate use.